Amber Valley Ramblers Derbyshire

Leading the way in Amber Valley

Walk Diary 9 January 2019 Weather, 6°C. Superb.
Bonsall Depart 10 a.m. 8 ½ miles Leader: Gerry White
No. on walk 37

A fine frosty sunny morning brought a great number of us to Bonsall, some arriving early, grabbing an early coffee form the nearby Fountain Café and many used the same venue afterwards for the end of walk cuppa. The walk, quite a bit longer than advertised, started with a climb from the start and after walking through the church yard of St. James’s parish church, it was then upward for the next mile and a quarter. The climb was via Masson Hill to Jughole Wood and then west along the edge of Lea Wood, just after which we stopped for our first break with good views over parts of Matlock and Darley Dale. With such a number out, when it comes to a break, the ones at the front are usually well into their snap, before the tail enders arrive, so it always seems that no sooner are we settled, then its time to get up again.

With the break over it was on to Brightgate, where we found three Alpacas in playful mood, you will see from the pictures how cute they are. Just past Brightgate Farm we turned to pass by Tearsall Farm, and here we found yet more animals, seeking attention. This time a pig and a horse, which were duly given photographic attention, although I think the pig would probably have enjoyed a back scratch instead. We were now heading downhill to the to the Wensley - Winster road. There is a footpath diversion, along this downhill path as a new quarry has been opened up, the diversion takes us up above the new quarry and later down the hill, re-joins the original way at Little Dungeon.

Some delay now as we re-grouped for the three quarters of a mile walk along the road into Winster. The National Trust Market Hall was closed, a source of refuge for our lunch time repass, in the past. We made our way to the new public conveniences, near to the Bowling Green pub and then exiting the village via the path that leads to Luntor Rocks. Just out of the village we stopped for our lunch break.

With lunch over we climbed to join the Limestone Way at Luntor Rocks and followed this all the way back to Bonsall. Passing over Bonsall Moor, it was now possible to see the leaders, stretched out far ahead, by this time, probably a quarter of a mile covered the whole column. Once Bonsall was in sight, still a way off, it was an easy downhill stroll all the way. A good enjoyable walk with great scenery and good views from the heights along the way

5a375a385a39 Pictures by Frankie L.

5a405a415a425a435a44 Pictures above by James W.


Saturday, January 19, 2019