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Amber Valley Ramblers, Derbyshire

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Home Diary Walks Matlock Winster 6 Sept 2017

Matlock Winster 6 Sept 2017

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Walk Diary Wednesday 6 September 2017 Weather, 14°C. middling.
Matlock, Meadow Farm (Matlock Meadows) Depart 10 a.m. 7 ½ miles Leader: Gerry White
No. on walk 29

A huge turnout for this new venue as a starting point, good parking and refreshments on hand at the end, to which I am glad to say, that no less than twenty two of us patronised the Matlock Meadows cafe, which did well to cope with such a sudden influx of customers. I note, that as well as beverages much cake was consumed, well done everybody, I'm sure that they will welcome us again.

Near to the farm entrance is a public footpath sign, with destinations listed as Bonsall, Jugholes and Wensley, we took the ascending path to Jugholes, passing under Jugholes Wood and continuing westwards to eventually reach the road at Brightgate. A climb of just over five hundred feet was accomplished in comparative ease, as the pace seemed reasonable and most people were grouped together and chatted away, which I always think seems to make the task easier. Along the way we had to endure a small amount of showery rain, not unpleasant, just a nuisance. On reaching Brightgate Farm we turned down the track to Tearsall Farm and here we stopped for our first break.

You will note that many of the pictures are of autumnal fruits, just as a reminder of where we are on the calendar and also because of the haze on distant hills, none of the longer shots were of much use for reproducing in this medium. Particularly, there were plenty of Blackberries around near to our stop as there was last year when we passed this way. We followed the path downhill, to the north along a diversionary track, which took us around new and quite deep quarry workings in this part of South Darley. Half way down the hillside we turned left onto a well marked Bridle Way, passing by Little Dungeon to gain the Winster Road. At this point I must say that I hadn't a clue as to where we were, I couldn't recognise any landmarks nor hill formations and had to resort to checking in with my navigational aid, even then I couldn't believe what it was showing. We walked the lane towards Winster, taking the first path on our right, following this across many fields, to enter Clough Wood. We followed the path, muddy and slippery in places, alongside the stream to come to a halt, for lunch, near Cowley Knowl at the site of the Old Millclose Mine.

The Old Millclose Mine was closed in 1939, due to flooding I believe, all that is left is part of Watt's Engine House. This used to house a Cornish Shaft Pump, to help pull water out of the mine shaft. Nearby are what remains of the Winding House, although this now consists of large rocks strewn around on which many of us found a convenient place to sit and enjoy the warmth of the sun, which had gone un-noticed by us whilst in the woods.

After lunch we took the lane, which had an almost continuous line of heavy lorries on it, into Darley Bridge. We took the path east by the Three Stags pub and eventually climbed the hill to Oaker, the hill once was occupied by Romans as a hill fort. At Graces Well, still with its wall intact, we turned to head down to Ashton Farm and then across the field into Snitterton, taking to the road by the Bullring. We followed the road towards Matlock and on rounding a bend, found the entrance to our parking venue, arriving in the parking area at two minutes before the hour of two, well done that man.

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