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Amber Valley Ramblers, Derbyshire

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Home Diary Walks Ashover 16 Aug 2017

Ashover 16 Aug 2017

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Walk Diary Wednesday 16 August 2017

Ashover village car park Leader: Gerry White

No. on walk 27

After another wet night the weather forecast was improving for the day. Obviously 27 of us believed it, because this was the very good turnout in Ashover car park for our walk today at 10 a.m. as usual. It was windy at times and cloudy occasionally but mostly it was sunny and very good weather for walking, not as slippery as last week. A convoluted route up and around to the east of Amber Valley and Ashover. Lots of beautiful woods and lush meadows with views, from the top of the ridge, of the whole of North East Derbyshire and Clay Cross. We set off briskly up the slope to Far Hill under several tunnels and steep steps, apparently constructed by the builders of the nearby Eastwood Grange so the owners did not have to see the workers walking by!!! The grange is now used as a school for people with autism.

After a bit of a meander we reached the hamlet of Alton for our coffee break, stopping on the green because our way was impeded by a herd of cows being driven in front of us. Our leader Gerry had a long talk with the two men in charge of the cows. They imparted the very surprising information that Alton, which appeared to us a small hamlet, once housed 4 pubs and two shops. It doesn't look big enough now. How the countryside has changed.

The next part of the walk went roughly north along the ridge which is the last part of the peak before it turns into the much flatter land of north east Derbyshire, I lost track of exactly which of the myriad of paths we took but we ended up taking our lunch overlooking the very pretty lake with the strange name of "the Great pond of Stubbing". The dam of which was built by a Mr. Stubbing around 1700. the water has being used for industrial purposes in the nearby Wingerworth.

The last part of the walk was down through lovely Heather and Bracken of Far Hill, again was notable that the last 7 of us became detached from the main party. However we managed to guess the way and got back to the car park not far behind the rest. And so a few of us repaired to the pub to consume largely non-alcoholic beverages Lovely walk, but feeling a bit autumnal which considering it's not even the end of August yet, is very early, thanks a lot Gerry. Jane H.


jht1jht2jht3jht4jht5pictures by John H-T


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