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Amber Valley Ramblers, Derbyshire

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Home Diary Walks Bonsall Masson 2 Aug 2017

Bonsall Masson 2 Aug 2017

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Walk Diary Wednesday 2 August 2017 Weather 16°C. Abysmal.
Bonsall Depart 10 a.m. 6 ¼ miles Leader: Gerry White
No. on walk 21

Just of late we seem to have hit a bad run of Wednesdays as far as the weather is concerned, not long ago I was always reporting that we were blessed with the weather we had on Wednesdays, we now seem to have hit a rough patch. However, we still had twenty one on the walk today and it was dry when we started, but then as we gained higher ground it was like walking in a cloud, perhaps we were. Soon we were cocooned in waterproofs, akin to being in a sauna, especially on some of the steep hilly bits on the walk today.

After leaving the car park in Bonsall we walked the roads to Upper Bonsall and then followed the Limestone Way as far as Bonsall Lane. Along the lane we stopped for our first break alongside a path that runs through someone's garden, good tree cover sheltering us until the rain stopped and we moved on. From Brightgate we walked along the contours to Jughole Wood and then made as if to walk down to Snitterton. Near to Masson we turned southwards and began a near five hundred foot climb up to Masson Hill stopping near to the summit for our lunch break, seated amongst yellow flowering Ragwort, which seems to be everywhere this year.

To this point we had done five miles and with lunch over it was decided to take an almost direct line back into Bonsall. A good choice as this brought us into the village near to St. James' church and we were able to view many of the wonderful Well Dressings displayed throughout the village on the way back to the fountain. There was not room for everyone in the cafe, where a few of us found a seat inside, the rest I am afraid had to go to another establishment for their refreshment further down the road.