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Amber Valley Ramblers, Derbyshire

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Home Diary Walks Darley Dale Matlock 26 July 2017

Darley Dale Matlock 26 July 2017

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Walk Diary Wednesday 26 July 2017 Weather, 17°C. Wet
Whitworth Park, Darley Dale. Depart 9.56 a.m. 6 ½ miles Leader: Gerry White
No. on walk 12

Not too much to report today, it rained at various velocities during the whole time we were out. One saving grace was that we had our lunch at the end of the walk seated on the benches of the magnificent Whitworth Park and during this time it actually stopped raining.

Our leader changed his mind and decided on a shorter route, because of the weather, even so we did a good six and a half miles and had a lovely dry stop, of nearly half an hour, at our newly found Matlock Meadows farm centre and cafe. A later enquiry ascertaining if we could use their car park for future walks was answered in the affirmative.

We gathered in the excellent car park, suitably attired as you will see, and set off through the park, taking to the road to walk to Darley Bridge, hardly noticing the river Derwent flowing underneath us. We followed the Derwent Valley Heritage Way and then joined the road to Snitterton and then a good climb up to Masson, to take a farm track down to Matlock Meadows Farm Centre. Here there is a children's play centre and cafe, they also make their own ice cream, although none was required by us today. We found good seating and shelter in the barn area adjacent to the cafe and after placing our orders we were served our drinks, able to drink them here rather than wet the floor of the cafe.

After this fairly lengthy break we joined the Matlock road and walked steeply downhill to Matlock Bridge. After a short walk along the river bank and observing some youngsters under canoe instruction, we climbed up to the railway bridge and crossed over the river once more. We followed the new cycle route for a little way and then followed a well used unofficial path following the course of the Derwent around the edges of the adjacent fields until reaching Normanhurst Farm. Here we paused to watch the steam locomotive hauling carriages full of school children, on a treat, I expect before breaking up for the school holidays.

Near to the southern shunting yards of Peak Rail we crossed the rail and made our way back into Whitworth Park. Just as we entered I noticed a humpty looking Heron sitting in the pond, at first I thought it an imitation, but on giving it a little whistle it lifted its head enough for me to get a picture. We then headed up to the seating at the head of the park and took our lunch break there before returning home at one o'clock.