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Amber Valley Ramblers, Derbyshire

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Home Diary Walks Youlgrave Elton 11 June 2017

Youlgrave Elton 11 June 2017

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Walk Diary Sunday 11 June 2017 Weather, 14°C. fair.
Youlgrave Depart 10 a.m. 9 ½ miles Leaders: Janet and John T.
No. on walk 18

A good walk and a lovely day albeit a little breezy on the tops, clouds threatened a shower off and on throughout the day and it was just in the last stretch with not many yards to go that one of them let go some of the wet stuff, not enough to tog up for but enough to dampen the hairstyles. We must have met at least fifty plus youngsters all in groups of fours and sixes, apparently a school or schools walking the Limestone Way. We noted that each group had a different colour rucksack cover, so presumably there were some points to be won! We also met several walking groups, some more than once as their and our paths crossed from time to time.

We set off from the reasonably priced village car park, two pounds for all day with the bonus of toilets too, to make our way down into the village, turning right to walk down a long flight of steps and slopes to reach the River Bradford at the bottom. It appeared that somebody had thrown their entire kitchen into the river, but we were reassured that these items were all being soaked making them ready to hold the clay for the forthcoming annual well dressing event. After crossing the small stone bridge to reach the far bank, we then followed along a delightful path, westwards with the river and fish pools on our right. I thought I was going to show you a picture of a trout, close up, but just as I was about to press the button it made off, didn't even get its tail in. We strolled along this lovely stretch, the sun piercing through the tree canopy above, shimmering on some of the water pools in which Ducks, Coots and Moorhens were all going about their business of finding food for the young paddling in their wake.

At the end of the river we climbed a metal staircase following the path that continued across the fields to the south, passing through several herds of cattle, some beef and others cows running with their calves. Just after Lowfields Farm we stopped on a grassy slope for our first break, just across the way from Fishpond Wood. On the move again we walked over some of the paths we touched upon a couple of weeks ago, once more passing the Llamas at Rock Farm, this time they offered us no photo opportunities. We carried on to Antony Hill rounding this and up another hill to enter Elton. We walked past the All Saints church, walking through the village, taking a permissive path by the Cricket Ground, one I'd not done before. Keeping to the same line we gained Dudwood Lane and the Limestone Way following the latter to take a lovely relaxing lunch break at Robin Hood Stride. Whilst here many groups of youngsters passed by some carrying huge mattresses on their backs, apparently used when 'bouldering'!

Lunch over we followed the Limestone Way as far as the road, which we crossed and made our way around Harthill Moor Farm picking up the Limestone Way again t'other side of Castle Ring. We followed the 'Way' to the River Bradford crossing in Youlgrave and were then offered the choice of a high or low route to get to Alport, we choose the high, which had the most wonderful views over Bradford Dale, good choice.

A short break in Alport followed and then we started on the advertised 'twist in the tail' as we made our way along Dark Lane, climbing the ridge above disused Raper Mine and then descended steeply to cross the River Lathkill. After a pause to view the water, a small pond created by a weir and a dam in the river. We climbed up to White House Farm in Youlgrave and walked along the street to All Saints parish church at which point the light drizzle that had started a few minutes before, became heavier, so the last quarter of a mile back to the car park was a little hurried. We arrived back a touch damp, but no worse, five minutes later and it could have been a different story.

F1F2pictures by Frankie

JW1JW2JW3JW4pictures by James W.




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