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Amber Valley Ramblers, Derbyshire

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Home Diary Walks Monyash Youlgreave 7 May 2017

Monyash Youlgreave 7 May 2017

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Walk Diary Sunday 7 May 2017 Weather 15°C. Sunny
Monyash Depart 10 a.m. 9 ½ miles Leader: Gordon T.
No. on walk 21

Just when you thought you had seen most places from various aspects, along comes someone with a new route that just blows that thought right out of the water. Gordon's walk today was one such, a walk described in the programme as 'High Route via Lathkill Dale'. The thought was that we would walk the tricky rock strewn path along the bottom of Lathkill Dale and then ascend up and over to Over Haddon, nope, for the first time for many of us, we walked the high ridge above Lathkill Dale, all this on access land. It was a simply splendid route, once we found it, following the boundary wall from the top of Ricklow Dale, around the edge of Ricklow Quarry all the way along until reaching the National Nature Reserve boundary. At this point we dropped very steeply down, just about managing to keep upright, to walk alongside the River Lathkill, as far as Over Haddon Bridge.

For our first break, we sat high up on the ridge, behind us according to the map was 'Organ Ground' whilst directly below us in the dale, was the cave from which the waters of the river begin to flow, the source of the Lathkill. No water today, because during dry spells such as this the river flows underground though the limestone, to rise much further down the dale. We sat in the sunshine enjoying the views for all of twenty five minutes, what a treat, whilst down below on that rock strew path, people walked, looking more like ants than humans from our lofty position.

We crossed over the river at Over Haddon Bridge and headed south to climb steeply, on a good solid track, to the ridge above Meadow Place Farm, going down and passing directly through the centre of the yard, taking the south western path towards Back Lane. During this time we passed through many fields of young beasts, already they were so used to the passing of humans that they paid very little attention to us. Once across most of the fields we stopped by a wall, sitting with it as a backdrop for our lunch break, once more in full sun, must make a note to remember the sun cream next time before it's too late.

With lunch over we crossed the aforementioned lane making our ay past the Calcite Workings to join the Limestone Way, following it all the way to One Ash Grange. Along the way descending those notorious steps cut out of Limestone at the north end of Cales Dale, climbing steeply up out and up the other side. We knew from previous forays that in the farm was a building housing a freezer which has a variety of ice creams in it, ices paid for by the use of an honesty box. It seems from the notice on the door that not everyone has been honest, the note stating that it would be open for business once again when the present Duke of Edinburgh award scheme term had finished, the note implying that they had been robbed more than once.

So we left on the last part of our journey, putting the thought of a lovely cool ice cream behind us and looking forward to a much needed cuppa in the Smithy Cafe in Monyash. We didn't have to wait for too long, as we spotted the spire of St. Leonard's church in Monyash, not too far away and it was all downhill. We left the well used track and the Limestone Way. After crossing a couple of meadows we entered the very well kept churchyard, passing through it to the street and the cafe beyond, finishing another great walk that I think many of us will remember and perhaps visit again.

F1F2pictures by Frankie


JW1JW2JW3JW4JW5pictures by James W.



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