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Amber Valley Ramblers, Derbyshire

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Home Diary Walks Darley Dale Bluebells 3 May 2017

Darley Dale Bluebells 3 May 2017

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Walk Diary Wednesday 3 May 2017 Weather, 12°C. Bright and sunny.
Whitworth Park, Darley Dale Depart 10 a.m. 7 ¾ miles Leader: Gerry White
No. on walk 28

Another good turnout on a bright and sunny day, to see the wonderful display of Bluebells in Northwood Carr, these far outshine the ones of last week in Shaw Wood, that had been spoilt by the uprising of Bramble and Briar. We were spoilt also, by the excellent parking facilities beside the Whitworth hotel, provided for the community by The Whitworth Trust, where the surface has now been tarmac'd, all it cost us is a donation in the honesty box, found dotted around the park.

This was an excellent route, reversing one that we had perhaps done before. We left the park to walk along the railway path and then at the bridge turned to make our way to and cross the A6. It was then up to Two Dales, where we were disappointed to find that the water trough, a local attraction because there are usually a small group of Gold Fish in it, was dirty and cloudy with no fresh water running into it. I doubt it was clean enough for any fish to survive in, so maybe they have been removed, let's hope so. A steepish climb now along the back lanes of the village to the junction at Hallmoor Wood, we followed this excellent way, ascending gently to Hall Dale, steep banks on one side strewn with huge boulders of rock, spoil of long ago from the many quarries in the area. Onward then into Halldale Wood with the babbling Halldale Brook to our right, eventually reaching a small footbridge, just in time for our morning stop, an excellent spot for us to spread out and enjoy the break time.

With the break over it was then steeply upwards on a short soft surface path, after getting to the top we entered onto green pastures lined with Beech trees. We followed the path around the curvature of hill to Bent Lane. This we followed downhill for quite some way to Darley Hillside, a small but pretty hamlet clinging, so to speak to the side of the hillside. We followed the road to Northwood, here turning into Northwood Carr, a well used path led us right through a wonderful display of highly scented Bluebells, there must be millions if not billions of them here, it was great, many of us stopping to take pictures from many different angles. We left the wood to take our lunch break above Tinkersley Farm. A grassy bank, afforded us good seating and excellent views over the A6 corridor to Stanton Moor on the opposite side.

After an extended lunch break and in the knowledge that the rest of the way back would now be downhill and possibly flat, we joyfully moved on. Passing through Northwood, crossing the A6, to walk for a while by the River Derwent and the rear of the Peak Rail station. It was then along open fields to Churchtown, our journey then continued on the new smartly surfaced cycle way, which to our surprise runs through Whitworth Park, so our journey back was even better than we had imagined. Back at the cars we changed into something more casual and as last week, fifteen of us made our way into the nearby Park Cafe for a chat and end of walk cuppa. A grand day out as they say.

JW1JW2JW3JW4JW5JW6pictures by James W.