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Amber Valley Ramblers, Derbyshire

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Home Diary Walks Crich S. Wingfield 26 Apl 2017

Crich S. Wingfield 26 Apl 2017

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Walk Diary Wednesday 26 April 2017 Weather, 10°C. Chilly.
Crich Market Place Depart 10 a.m. 7 miles Leader: Gerry White
No. on walk 24

Our annual walk to see one of our favoured places for viewing Bluebells in Shaw Wood, usually a great show but a little less so this year mainly due to the encroachment of briars, the Bluebells are still there but less visible because of the covering foliage. The woods owned by Derbyshire County Council as an amenity, has been lacking the normal care over the last couple of years, probably due to cut backs which seems to affect all of us in some way. In the past during the winter season these woods have been tidied, brambles cut down and paths made up with the shredded bark from tree prunings. The Bluebells will always be there, but sadly, unless they have light they will gradually fail to appear, until the next clearance time and as if by magic they will once more grace this wonderful amenity. Don't get me wrong, they are still a good show, but over time they may lose some of their attraction in this place. Next week we travel to Darley Dale and head up into Tinkersley Woods, where there are always good paths and wonderful natural displays.

Because of the distance from Crich to Shaw Woods, the route taken is probably somewhat limited, just one or two twists along the way. Today we left the village via the path next to Hilts Quarry and on to Park Head. At Park Head we found Aubrey's seat, a memorial to a gent' who tended this place, the plaque on the seat invites the traveller to rest a while and have a chat. From here we looped round to Hill Top Farm, where much has happened in the form of new landscaping and a large new pond with manicured grass sloping down from the main residence. Back on track, so to speak, we headed onward, stopping for our break near to and then to pass through South Wingfield, crossing the river Amber at the mill. After crossing the playing fields and scurrying through the tunnel beneath the railway, it was then up into Shaw Woods.

We were too early for lunch to take it amongst the 'bells, instead we walked parallel to the railway passing beneath it once more at Weir Farm. After crossing a few fields, leaving the railway behind us, it was up to Tithe Farm for our lunch break, most seated on a grassy knoll beside the farm, a few remaining in the nearby more sheltered wooded area. With lunch over we headed back to Mill Green, passing by the stump of an old post mill, pictured. Soon we were into the wooded belt before Hilt's Quarry, now rejoining our outward track and so back to the market place. The wind was still keen, but once sheltered from it the sun felt pleasantly warm on our backs. The same warm feeling came as we entered the familiar surrounds of The Loaf, where fifteen of us enjoyed an end of walk cuppa before making our way home.

JW1JW2JW3JW4pictures by James W.



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