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Amber Valley Ramblers, Derbyshire

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Home Diary Walks Tansley Lumsdale 8 Feb 2017

Tansley Lumsdale 8 Feb 2017

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Walk Diary Wednesday 8 February 2017 weather, overcast 6°C.
Tansley Church Depart 10 a.m. 8 miles Leader: Gerry White
No. on walk 31

Even on this rather dull day we still had a turnout of over thirty, a good walk with an aim of visiting Arkwright's Lumsdale Project, as this Friday we will be having a slide show featuring this, you'll find more details on the front page of this website.

Although our leader was carrying quite a heavy cold he still insisted on seeing it through and he did, thanks Gerry. We set off from the roadside parking outside the church and really any space we could find as local road works also limited the amount of space available. Moving out of the village on Whitelea Lane, a long steady climb all the way up to Knabhall Lane. Here we turned left and continued straight ahead, still on a metalled road as far as Packhorse Farm. We followed the footpath around the vast caravan site, many vans parked up for winter storage, eventually reaching the Chesterfield Road. Here we took a short break while we located one of our number who had stopped off to take a phone call, pressing on he then took the wrong path, thanks to the very same phone we were able to guide him onto the straight and narrow once more.

After a short amble along Cuckoostone Lane we turned to walk through the Forestry Commission's Bottom Moor, exiting near to Eddlestow Lot and pausing there for our first break. We descended by a country lane to Robridding, taking the first turn left to climb out of the deep valley to which we had just descended. Much heavy breathing by those of us carrying a cold, but somehow we all made it up to Jaggers Lane. We then entered onto a cross field path, near to Rushley Lodge, following this for quite some way until we picked up the other end of Cuckoostone Lane, then turning to walk past the grange of the same name. We passed over the Matlock Golf club course, many golfers waiting for our long stretched column to pass by, eventually reaching Cuckoostone Dale. Cuckoo Stone, is a name for a Neolithic or Bronze Age standing stone, there is one marked on the map opposite the grange, although we didn't see it, it must be there as it seems everything around here has Cuckoo attached to its name.

We took a leisurely lunch at the top of the dale and then moved on to once more cross the Chesterfield Road, near too Bentley Bridge, then following Bentley Brook down to the Lumsdale site. The site has three heads of water all fed by the aforementioned brook, the third one feeding the complex. The water now cascades in dramatic fashion down the gorge by the side of the complex, no doubt we will find out more on Friday night.

Once down all those steps, we gained the road and made our way down to the mills site, turning left and following a good path back to the centre of Tansley. A good walk, which saw all of us returning with relatively clean boots and a notion of what we might learn on Friday.


JW!JW2pictures by James W.


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