Amber Valley Ramblers Derbyshire

Leading the way in Amber Valley

Walk Diary Wednesday 18 April 2018 Weather, 18°C. Superb
Ambergate Station Depart 9.58 a.m. 7 ¾ Miles Leader: Gerry white
No. on walk 18

A superb warm sunny day, quite a contrast when looking back just seven days ago. Everywhere birds were singing, making haste whilst the sun shines as they say. As for us the first shorts of the season were seen as were short sleeves and sun glasses, we seem to have jumped over spring and straight into summer. But let’s not get too carried away, the proverbial Swallows haven’t arrived, so it can’t be summer just yet.

We set off on our walk by crossing over the A6 and Halfpenny Bridge, after which we turned to walk along the eastern side of the Birches, at the end turning to walk the western side and exit onto Whitewells Lane, which we walked to Belper Lane End. We paused outside the Bulls Head pub, unfortunately still closed and then took the path south of it and then a diagonal to pick up the Midshires Way. Our morning break took place here and soon after we continued south along the ‘way’ to Hillside, turning here to walk north, to once again find Midshires way, this time walking in the opposite direction, following the waymarked route by Sandy Ford. We stopped for lunch just before Jackass Lane. A great lengthy break was taken, sitting in the sunshine, backs against a suitable wall, a lovely way to spend the day!

We moved on following the ‘way’ to a junction of paths in Typeclose Plantation, where we found the vehicles of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust parked, we did see the group later, presumably planning to do some work in and around Shining Cliff. As for us we left the Midshires Way at this point and followed the forest trails east, all the way to Oak Hurst Mills, returning past the old wire works site to Ambergate and so back to the station car park.

During the day we were treated to a display of two Buzzards circling on the warm air currents, the sound of many woodland birds and the almost obligatory Skylark song. During lunch we watched a Curlew fly past, warbling as it dived down into the next field. Plenty of chatter from us to, as many discussed the weather and the likely forecast, also our attention was drawn to the forthcoming break at Newby Bridge, which is now, but a few weeks away, doesn’t time fly!


Last four pictures by James W. now back and camera at the ready as you see.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018