Amber Valley Ramblers Derbyshire

Leading the way in Amber Valley

Walk Dairy Wednesday 4th April. 2018
Rowsley Old Station Leader: Gerry White
In spite of a very bad forecast and leaden skies, 19 turned up at Rowsley for our Wednesday walk. Well wrapped up with waterproofs and winter gear, it didn’t feel much like spring. But, as is often the case the weather was not as bad as predicted. In fact it was even sunny on top of Stanton Moor where we had an early lunch at the Nine Ladies stone circle. However, it did start raining after that so our last hours walking was fairly damp. Underfoot it was very soggy, a combination of heavy rain and melting snow from Easter Monday made walking the paths very slippery and so our wise leader did much of the walk on the relatively quiet tarmac lanes, which traverse Stanton Moor. We did have some lovely views all the way up and down the valley. The walk was also enhanced by some more wild daffodils on the hillsides. It being April and at last trees are budding, Celandines are well out and Primroses too in sheltered spots. Birds are beginning to make a racket as well, with a cacophony of sound. Spring is here in spite of such a cold March. The walk went south to Stanton Woodhouse and up the moor. Then along the road through Stanton Lees village. At our most southern point we turned north over the delightful heather moor. After lunch we went back down Lees road and Plough Lane in the rain. A nice drink in the warm to finish at the Peak Shopping Village.
Thanks for the walk Gerry.
Jane H.

Thursday, June 21, 2018