Amber Valley Ramblers Derbyshire

Leading the way in Amber Valley

Walk Diary Wednesday 28 March 2018 Weather, 6°C. Fine.
Lea Gardens Depart 10 a.m. 6 ¼ miles Leader: Gerry White
No. on walk 30

Wild Daffodil Walk.
This our annual walk to see the wild Daffodils on a wooded hillside within the boundary of Dethick, Lea and Holloway Parish, a place we make pilgrimage to each year at about this time. I think this year we have seen them at their best, better than they have been for the last few years anyway.

The weather was better than forecast, a little bit chilly at first, but now and again the sun broke through and it was really quite pleasant. From Lea Gardens, now open we see, we made our way around the outside of Littlemoor Woods and on to Castletop Farm, making our way through lovely woodlands, with stands of Silver Birch, the glistening bark standing out against the rocky background. We eventually found our ‘Beaurepaire’ and sat amidst these wonderful golden dancing specimens for our lunch. As I sat there I did wonder if Wordsworth ever found such a place as this to inspire one of his most well known poems.

With our lunch over, a few spots of rain appeared, but did not linger long, as we made our way back to Holloway, climbing up the slope beside the stout tower of Christ Church. The church appeared to have been built back to front, normally the tower is at the western end and the chancel at the east. Having not been inside, it may be that the tower houses the chancel beneath it, a necessity perhaps as the church was built on the slope of a west facing hill. The church was built in the very early twentieth century.

The climb by the church brought us out, right beside the famed Lea Gardens, where we noticed that the cafe was open, so after a quick change, nearly half of us sat at the outside tables, with great views over the gardens and a cuppa in hand. I have deliberately been vague about our locations today, lest some should read this and vandalise the site for profit.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018