Amber Valley Ramblers Derbyshire

Leading the way in Amber Valley

Walk Diary Wednesday 27 December 2017 Weather 5°C. Wintry
Whatstandwell Depart 10 a.m. 7 miles Leader: Gerry White
No. on walk 12

Well here we are at the rear end of 2017 with this, the eighty sixth and last diary entry for this year. At times it’s been a struggle to find something to write about, but as a rule something usually turns up. That is why I am pleased when someone else contributes to the write ups and to that point I would urge anyone on one of these walks, with any comments or observations to make, to put them on paper and send them to me by email.

A cold wintry day which, for us, started off with a climb and a snow storm, the thick large flake variety that sticks to the clothing and melts almost at the same moment leaving clothes looking quite wet. But it was nice to see it for a short while and higher up, as you will see from the pictures, it gave quite a seasonal look to the hills and surrounding landscape.

From the station at Whatstandwell, we crossed over the Derwent and the A6 to climb, almost immediately, the hill past Hankins Farm, up to the five cross ways footpath sign, then to slide down to Watergate Farm, rounding this to walk a track to Mill Wood. It was from Mill Wood that we turned to head south and cross over the small babbling brook that is Mere Brook, with stepping stones of a kind to help us across. We continued south to take our morning break at a point just before Knob Farm, there are various opinions as to how the farm got its name, but the clue may be in one of the pictures below!

After walking through the aforementioned farm we took the right hand path, to cross several soggy pastures, eventually gaining the lane at Wigwell. We kept to the road rather than use the footpath over the fields to Moor Farm and on to Breamfield Road. A great little road this, as it rises gently to a view point overlooking Wirksworth, where the whole expanse of this ever expanding town is laid out below us, the ancient parish church of St. Mary, dominant and central.

We walked through the very small hamlet of Breamfield, turning east along Hay Lane, then to pass by Nook Farm, The Bent and through the lovely Pine wood above Colebrook Farm, which I thought would be a good spot for lunch. However our leader found a better place, along the path to Willett’s Farm, made all the better by the appearance of a watery sun, that stayed with us for most of the rest of the walk.

With lunch over we carried on through Willett’s Farm to the centre of Alderwasley, least ways I always presume this to be the centre, but the village is spread over a very large area and as the village name on the map is at this point, let’s presume I’m right.

The way back was now quite easy and down hill, heading north east to rejoin our outward track at the five paths way and so down, the now, very slippery slope to Whatstandwell Bridge. Just as we were going over the River Derwent, two Swans were seen below us, going at quite a lick or as one wit had it ‘going with the flow’.
Happy New Year everyone. Hope to see as many as possible on the New Year’s Day walk from Derwent Street in Belper, not forgetting it’s an eleven a.m. start!


Thursday, June 21, 2018