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Amber Valley Ramblers, Derbyshire

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Derbyshire County Council Rights of Way review (consultation).

Derbyshire residents are being asked to give their views on

planned cuts of £163,000 to the rights of way team at Derbyshire CC. Targets

for dealing with queries would change, for priority enquiries this would change

from 10 working days to 4 weeks. Please visit


http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/council/have_your_say/consultation_search/Consultation_search_index/public_rights_of_way_review.asp to take part in the consultation

Members Notice.

Some of you may have already heard that Sue was involved in an accident involving a car.

Those close to her have said that she is progressing and is in a stable condition.

17 August. Sue has now been transferred to Kings Lodge Re-hab at the Royal Derby. She tires easily so visiting naturally has to be restricted a bit for her benefit. However if you feel you would like to see her after 6 Sept, there is a visiting rota that you may like to join, do this by contacting her daughter Hermione, through this site, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will forward her number to you.

Sue is on ward 301 (level 3) visiting times 2 - 4pm.6 - 8 pm.

29 August. Since our last update Sue has had a correctional operation and has been temporarily moved to ward 204 to recover. She is more alert now, although in great discomfort and tires easilly.Sue is also being treated for an infection and wll move back to Kings Lodge re-hab, ward 301 as soon as this is cleared up.

Sue would like to thank all those who contributed towards the iPad which she has now received, but unable to use as yet, thanks also for the many cards which now adorn her room.

31 August. Reports from Sue's visitors today say that she is more responsive and talkative, clearly an improvment. Hopefully, very soon, Sue will be moved back to the Kings Lodge Re-hab ward. She also had a visit from the occupational therapist today, another good sign.

Footpath Maintenance:

Tuesday 18 August

Task. Working in the Depth O'Lumb, clearing and creating steps and handrails.

Five of us and Steve put some very hard work in today at the Depth's of Lumb, I had forgotten how far down it is to the bottom! We dug earth steps at

least two thirds of the way down, plus clearing the stone steps near the bridge, a post and new handrail was also put in place. Michael P.



The Big Pathwatch

How to take part - view this now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwhD_5JdMEQ

This summer the Ramblers will be calling on walkers to help with its biggest and most ambitious footpath survey. The Big Pathwatch is the only project that aims not only to walk every right of way in England and Wales to find out what state the paths are in, but also to help fix any problems.

Walkers will be able to download the Big Pathwatch app and share their experiences as they walk every right of way within a specific grid square. They'll be asked to share the positive features of the walk, the beautiful views or interesting landscapes they see, as well as noting any problems they encounter. Participants without a smartphone will also be able to take part, using a paper survey form printed from our website.

The results of the Big Pathwatch will allow the Ramblers to create a comprehensive report on the state of the path network, which will be used to campaign for its upkeep. Where possible, Ramblers' path maintenance teams will be heading out to fix problems found through the survey, clearing brambles and other overgrown vegetation, improving path surfaces and fixing bridges and gates.

Importantly, the results will enable the Ramblers to come up with other long term solutions to ensure the path network is protected for years to come.

The project will be officially launched on 13 July, and all Ramblers members will be encouraged to sign up and pick a square to survey. Keep an eye on our website http://www.ramblers.org.uk/pathwatch for pre-registration and further details coming soon.

The Big Pathwatch is generously funded by the Ramblers Holidays Charitable Trust.








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