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Amber Valley Ramblers, Derbyshire

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A walk from the Market Place, Belper

Saturday 9 August 2014  --  2p.m. 3 miles

Led by Amber Valley Ramblers


"Amber Valley Borough Council" has adopted a plan that incorporates the building of houses on a large wedge of hillside between Mill Lane/Kilburn Road & Sanded Lane:

     This area is largely invisible from nearby roads but from a distance can be seen as a beautiful backdrop to Belper. There is  an extensive network of footpaths much used by local people. Wildlife is prolific. There is an area of mediaeval ridge & furrow that could conceivably be associated with Belper’s first settlement. Records suggest that the area is little changed since the fourteenth century. We feel that the implications of the plan have not been properly explained to the people of Belper.  


     Therefore, on Saturday 9 Aug, the day of the Farmers Market, we are mounting an exhibition in No 28 detailing what is being proposed. We are also inviting the public to join us at 1400 on a guided walk of 4.5km (3 miles)  around the Bullsmoor area starting from Belper Market Place. The information given in the exhibition & during the walk will be impartial.

Amber Valley Borough Council invites comments to reach them by 8.9.14 We will be advising the public on their right to comment and we will make available blank forms on which they can write their opinions & send them to Amber Valley District Council”.

All welcome to join us to view the area.


Footpath maintenance update. July 15 2014

You will see further down on this page reference to the start of our programme of building steps into a very steep slope in Mugginton. I am pleased to report, that a very strong team worked to finish the project. We worked very hard and all came away exhausted, especially those of us who are no longer  used to working for a living. I hope if you ever come across these steps, whilst out walking, you will perhaps, pause and consider the effort expended by our group of volunteers.fp2
If you would like to join us then contact Michael 01773852888  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ajht4 Walking with the Maasai in theajht5

  footsteps of Joseph Thomson

 by – John Hastings-Thomson.

jht1 From childhood I have been aware that I had a Great, great Uncle who was an African Explorer. He had been the first white man to cross Maasai  Territory and come out alive and had a waterfall and a gazelle named after him. It was an ambition to follow in his footsteps and when three years ago I learnt that a Kenyan wanted to organize a walk following part of Thomson’s Maasai Land Expedition, I wanted to take part. jht2 

The man concerned, Ezekiel Katato, turned out to be a Maasai Elder from a village Thomson passed through during his expedition. Ezekiel had learnt about Thomson at School.  It became his ambition to organize a walk covering the section of the expedition that passed through his home area, from the edge of Amboseli National Park to his village, Kilonito, a distance of about 75 miles.



Tuesday 17 June work started on building steps into a very steep bank in the Mugginton - Weston Underwood area. This a first for our team, the work to be carried out in two stages, as you will see stage one is complete with the final stage hopefully to be completed next month.

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afp11afp12     afp13


 On Thursday 17 April we met at Codnor Market place car park  to finish the project started last year.fp1 fp2






Work party Thursday 20 March 2014

A good start made on the project at Weston Underwood, a small group cleared around the footbridge, making ready for the introduction of steps on the adjacent steep bank fp1 FP2


 Why not join the footpath working party to carry out some of the objectives of the Ramblers; clearing footpaths, way marking, mending stiles and gates etc. Male or female, if you are fit and would like to take part contact Michael 01773852888  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

See 'recent articles' for more information of works completed.

  Email addresses

We keep a list of email addresses for those who wish to be contacted re. short notice changes to our programmes e.g. change of venue, cancellations or late news items. These addresses are

kept secure and private and will only be used for immediate Ramblers business. If you would like to add your address then email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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