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Amber Valley Ramblers, Derbyshire

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Footpath Maintenance Team.

Tuesday 19 July Work on the A610 steps.

A good job done.

Completion of this project Pentrich FP4 and another nearby set of steps (previously reported) have been done at the request of Pentrich Parish Council.

The footpaths maintenance team have completed the steps at this location today, during a very busy hot and humid few hours. The extent of the embankment can be seen from the picture and conveying timber, tools and materials up this number of steps is in itself quite a task. This steep rise of steps now number 34, replacing what was a very dangerous and slippery slope. Richard from Derbyshire Countryside Service carried the stone up, from his trailer having put in an extra session to do this after our last visit in June.

p3p4pictures and text by Peter W.

a job done
a job done 1



Footpath Maintenance Tues 21 June

Continuing work on the A610 from last time it can be seen how in this session more steps were added but there are a lot more to go before we reach the stile at the top.

Again a lot of effort went into securing and placing the woodwork due to a band of concrete in the ground and apart from that stone and tree roots all of which required extra time and a lot of hard work by the team.

Pictures and text by Peter W.



A plug for our friends at the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway.

An evening to remember.

Steam Hauled Cheese and Wine Evening.

Saturday 30 July. Tickets: £19 per person.

Departs from Wirksworth Station 7 p.m.

Book early via www.evra.org first come first served basis.


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